Information on Plot FG05-R21-03

2011-07-05 16:37   
Plot FG05-R21-03 is located at south of Qijia Road, east of Danfeng Road in Binjiang District.
Merely in a distance of 400 meters to the planned subway station, about 1000 meters to Hangzhou Xixing Bridge, adjacent to the Hangzhou Airport Expressway, contiguous to Hangzhou Olympic Sport & International Expo Center, the plot FG05-R21-03, with Qijia Road to the south and Danfeng Road to the east, highlights its superior location and conditions, overlaps the recorded advantages of the land in the vicinity. And much more.



The plot FG05-R21-03 has been listed in Hangzhou Construction Land Supply Plan in 2011, and unveiled its programming guidelines.
The Programming Guidelines:
Total Area: 77,343 square meters
Category: residential land
Floor Area Ratio: 3.2
Building Coverage Ratio: 28%
Landscaping Ratio: 30%
Maximum Height: 100 meters